Sunday, February 8, 2009

Surname Fun

Dynastree allows you to map out your surname. Apparently, Jahn is the 5,584 most common name in the USA.


Cynthia McCausland said...

Chris, I would hope that you check this at some time to know that I am trying to get in touch with you. You sent us a GEDCOM back March 1st 2007, and we are unable to enter it into Family Tree Maker. Is there some way we can do that? Also,I have found quite a lot of info re: Sophrona/Sophronia (Pease) Ludwig, Kaler that I thought you might like to have. I'd also like to share the material you sent in that letter with the Ludwig List, Royce Miller and Malcolm Jackson. Would that be okay with you? My e-mail address is:

heidi said...

I just stumbled across your blog spot after looking at some pictures of Jahn Old Fashion Ice Cream. By any chance did anyone in your family paint? My father worked at Westbury Manor in the 70's and one of his customers named Mr. Jahn gave him an original oil painting. The painting still hangs in my house. If you are interested I'd be happy to send you a picture. My e-mail is

Marcos Jahn said...

Hi Christopher,

My name is Marcos Jahn. I'm from Brazil and I like that you share with me all things that you search about Jahn's genealogy.

My uncle researched about our family too. I can send the his contact, to collaborate with you.