Sunday, June 10, 2007

Father's Day: a look back on my Father's fathers.

In honor of Father's Day, here's pictures of fathers along my father's line.

Dad with me and Jennifer, just about 40 years ago.

Louis Albert Jahn (with Benji) 1996.

Louis Albert Jahn, about 1947. I like the fact that he's standing in more or less the same place in both photographs, and he's with a dog in each of them.

Frederick John Jahn, abt 1952.
This picture was a big deal because he didn't swim much once the kids came along. He had just finished installing the "mercury tank" (a water tank painted black placed on the roof) for the outdoor shower. This wasn't a luxury: it was to get the kids to rinse off the salt and sand BEFORE coming into the house.

Albert Maxwilliam Jahn, around 1923. This isn't a very good picture of him because I had to crop it out of a group shot. Most of the photos I have of him are from a distance. But it gives you an idea of what he looked like in his prime.

Here he is 30 years later:

Albert M. Jahn, abt 1951

Frederick Henry Jahn, about 1900

A closer shot of Frederick Henry, taken around the same time.