Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day: a look back on my mother's mothers

It's mother's day, and here are shots of mothers along my mother's line:

Mom with Tim, 1967. This shot says 'motherhood', and I think it's one of the best pictures my father ever took.

Mom's mother, Virginia Tibbit Joslin. Standing next to, well, Mom.

Virginia's mother, Elsie, pictured with my mother (Nancy) and William H. Tibbitt.

Elsie Felten Tibbitt's mother, Marian Hinchman Felten, holding Virginia Tibbitt.

I don't have a picture Marian's mother, Malvina Prickett Hinchman, but I DO have a picture of Marian's grandmother, Mary Ann Hudson Prickett.

If somebody has pictures of the Hinchman clan, please let me know.

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