Friday, December 15, 2006

Al Jahn, Margaretta Fisher Jahn, and the Starrets

I scanned some more family photos this summer while I was visiting Aunt Dorothy. I asked if there were any shots of Margaretta Fisher, and she pulled out a photo and said "here she is with the Starrets." It wasn't until I was back in Florida that I realized that the man standing to the side was Al.

Here's a good shot of Albert Maxwilliam Jahn in his prime. This is taken at some point in the 1920's. It was cropped from a shot of him, Margaretta, and the Starrets, posing with a newborn.

This is the only photo I have
so far of Margaretta Fisher Jahn.
She's holding Bob Jr, which
would put this photo around 1923.

The original photograph. Aunt Helen (Steele) is sitting on the ground.

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